The Huff Run Watershed Restoration Partnership, a citizen based catalyst group, was formed in 1996. The ultimate goal of the Partnership is to return Huff Run to its original warm water habitat. The group conducts extensive environmental education and works closely with government agencies to accomplish their restoration mission.


  Summer Events! Join us at one of our many summer events! We are having adult education and children's programs throughout the spring and summer. Click HERE!  



 Camp Watershed! 2014 Huff Run and Mud Run will again host a summer day camp on July 21-25th. The camp will include programs like canoeing, fishing, and visits to the Norma Johnson Center and Atwood Lake! Call the office for more information about Camp Watershed! 2014 or to register, click HERE!  
  Awareness Days  Huff Run will be visited by Sandy Valley, Conotton Valley, Carrollton, and Brown Local Schools this spring for a hands-on field trip to the watershed. Know an educator who would like to get involved in this free program? Contact Marissa for details.

Monthly Meeting

Our next Huff Run business meeting will be Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 the Huff Run Watershed Office at 6:00pm. The community meeting will begin at 6:30pm. Please join us. See you then! Call (330) 859-1050 for more information.

Our Mission

To restore the Huff Run Watershed by improving water quality and enhancing wildlife habitat through community support and involvement.